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Thread: A PVC commision for Kerri.

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    Default A PVC commision for Kerri.

    This is a saber I made for a nice lady at the Golden Gate Kights classes. She wanted a saber for her boyfriend. The saber had to be thinner then my other sabers and she wanted a blue blade. I put a blue P4 in there and I could not just make a pipe tube with nothing on it but a saber blade. I hade to make it look like a saber so this is what i came up with. It has a 14500 li-ion bat housed in a one AAA battery holder. The battery can be switched out as you please. Tell me whatyou think?

    Thanks guys!!!

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    Very nice

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    Great Rip! Larry really needed to get away from that ALW he was trying to use. They're great looking hilts but just too danged heavy for what GGK does.

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    Nice saber. I like it. The blue is nice too.
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