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Thread: my new PVC project!!

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    Default my new PVC project!!

    this is the full PVC saber i've been working on, i got some inspiration from Gundamaniac's new version of the Obi-Wan "tribute" saber.
    no electronics yet they're on the way USPS had a litte hick-up haha. ill post more once they're insalled.

    IMG_0037.jpg IMG_0038.jpg IMG_0058.jpg IMG_0059.jpg IMG_0061.jpg

    the brass screw are being replaced with button head black and steel colors. i wanted to put a gaurded switch into it but i didnt know if it would fit in the 1" PVC. the black knob in the "clamp" part is for looks (think of it as an blade intesity adjustor lol). might get replaced by accent led or something. im up for any contructive criticism guys! it will hold a green p4 led powered by 4 AAA.
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    this one is also awesome i think you went with a nice color green, my other opinion would be cyan. great build!

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    Really nice build! Congrats!

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    I agree with havoc.. nice build. i do have one question though, what are you going to use for a heatsink? If you're wanting to save space you can use a 3/4" copper endcap as seen in this tutorial They work like a charm

    cheers and good luck on the rest of your build
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