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Thread: My latest five sabers!

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    Red face My latest five sabers!

    This past week I have been busy getting a few sabers done. I did a total of 5 sabers this past week and a half. All look great and no two a like! I thought you might like to see them as much as I want you all to seem them. Lol The specs are as norm with my PVC sabers. Let me know what you think. I love feed back good and bad. 

    Shouldered 3/4" thin walled blade tip with reflective disc
    3/4" Thin walled Trans White Polycarbonate blade at 30" long
    Luxeon Collimator Lens 8.7 deg viewing angle
    Luxeon Rebel Lens Holder
    Luxeon Rebel Star (Red)
    Luxeon star heatsink
    Push on/push off switch with black button or
    SPST Latching Guarded switch with silver button
    4AAA battery holder
    2.2ohm 5w resistor or 3.3 ohm 5w

    Sorry no back shot.

    Thanks for looking! 

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    Ripper, I am new to the forums and have a few questions about your PVC sabers. Do you strictly use PVC or do you use a combination of PVC, MHS parts, etc to build your awesome looking hilts? Also, what do you do for a blade holder? Specifically how do you address the issue of securing the main LED module & heatsink? I'm pulling ideas together to produce a hilt for Episode VII but I'm on a tight budget so PVC seems to be an economical route. I appreciate any insights you can offer?

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    Welcome to the forums, Shiblon.

    Rip pretty much sticks to PVC as far as I know.

    All you really need to do for PVC blade holding is put a blade retention screw into 1"ID PVC pipe. TCSS sells heat sink modules for 1"ID tubes, those would be secured with a second set screw.

    Great work, as always, Rip.
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    Thanks for the reply Miraluka. I appreciate it.

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