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Thread: Black assasin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlad Doon View Post
    A real nasty sith saber, outstanding pommel switch. Reverse sound ? Superb design and with a CF, "esta espada tiene que sonar de muerte" (this saber must sound like hell)
    Enhora buena
    Yes, reverse sound. I had to put it this way because the AV is long and clashed with the speaker. Suena como el trueno!!! (sounds like thunder)
    Gracias por sus comentarios. (thanks for your comment)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MedicineMan View Post
    looks good. only thing i see wrong is 'assasin'. i believe a 's' went on vacation.

    jajajaja im sorry. This is my problem with the language. I have much to study.

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    I put one video. Enjoy!!!

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    New video with upgrade to CFV6.01+ Cex...

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    Wow, just wow. The vinyl sticker looks like carbon fiber and with that saber looks amazing. And really I love the pommel.


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