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Thread: Hasbro Kit Fisto Force FX Removable Blade Lightsaber Disassembly Tutorial

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    Default Hasbro Kit Fisto Force FX Removable Blade Lightsaber Disassembly Tutorial

    Hey all, after Tim asked if anyone would be willing to send him some of the new Force FX Removable Blade hilts so he could begin work on
    conversion kits, I decided to take apart my Kit Fisto and send him the hilt.

    So I figured I might as well take pictures of the disassembly since I don't believe there are any out there at this point and post them here
    for anyone looking to either replace the electronics or do a make-shift conversion until Tim has the kits ready.

    I have taken apart every LED FX Lightsaber to date, and this is one of the easier procedures (the newer models have all been getting easier to take apart IMO).

    After taking the battery pack out you have the hilt:

    We unscrew the emitter and pommel:

    Next we examine the power knob and find the pin (as with previous models like Darth Maul):

    Using a jewlers screwdriver and a small hammer I punched the pin through:
    It is important to go from the "off" side to the "on" side, as that is the knurled pin side and can only be removed that way.

    After removing the knob we can see a phillips head screw holding the switch assembly onto the internal chassis:

    The plastic switch sleeve is then lifted out but carefully as it is very delicate and easily ripped:

    Next we unscrew the adjacent knob (may need pliers to get it started):

    After this, the sound board will just slide out the pommel:

    Ta-da, all disassembled, pretty easily and ready to customize:

    Hope this was helpful!

    -The Fog

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    Thanks Fog! I've been interested in this one! Looks like a smooth disassembly.
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    That easy huh? Sweet. Maybe Hasbro has started making them like that just for us...
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    Man! And I thought the Vader ANH was quick and easy! Now THATS a disassembly that I can enjoy!

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    That is exactly how the Maul removable blade comes apart as well.

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    Nicely done fog. now if we had a simularly shaped pomel.....
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    Very good. I've bought one last month and wanted to change the very poor sound, but didn't want to destroy this gorgeous hilt. Thanks to make it for us. (I see from the little scratches, it was not that easy at the beginning )

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    Nice. This makes it easier for me. But what about a blade holder for when you get to that point?

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    I'm working on this right now. Any ideas for conversion once it is disassembled? I heard it might be tricky but I'm sure I can work something out. My concern is that the locking part for the Hasbro blade is probably opaque plastic, so if thats removed to let the luxeon light through it might not fit in right anymore. I'll work on it more when I get to opening it up fully. Beautiful saber though!
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    Nice. The newer sabers seems alot easier to convert now. Now to get a Luke ROTJ removable blade out.


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