Hello all! I just decided that I am going to attempt a chassis with my next PC-L install. I've never done either a chassis or PC install, so bear with me. Is this all the parts I need for a chassis to work? Here's the MHS render of my saber:

And heres my parts list for the chassis:

2 Chassis discs style 1
2 Chassis discs style 2
3 Chassis discs style 3
3 4-40 all thread rod
42 brass hex nuts
8 1" 3/16th spacers

One style one disc will go in between the two DF extensions, the other will go at the pommel side end of the last DF extension. Then the PC will be in the 3" Fluted extension with one style 2 disc at each end of the board, as well as the spacers on the all threads beneath it, and the 2xAA Battery holder with two protected 14500s will be in the ribbed section with two of the three style 3 discs enclosing it with the other spacers beneath it , and then the last style 3 disc at the end of the ribbed extension with the speaker affixed between hex nuts right in front of the discs. Will all this work?