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Thread: First Saber: Liberator

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    Cool First Saber: Liberator

    Note that this is still a work in progress as I am currently waiting to receive my hilt back from the powdercoater.


    100% MHS Parts
    PC-U running a modified Dark Meat soundfont
    Tri-Rebel Royal Blue LEDs
    7.4v Li-Ion Battery w/ Internal Recharge
    UV Accent LEDs
    Dual Vibrating Motors

    Courtesy of the MHS Builder


    Stay tuned for more. I'll update this post as soon as I get the hilt back and get a chance to start assembling the pieces. Hopefully I'll get a phone call in the next few days and be able to finish up this awesome project!
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    is that a recharge port in your covertec knob?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ty_Bomber View Post
    is that a recharge port in your covertec knob?
    No, but it is the covertec style kill key that Tim sells in the store. I'm just using the standard recharge port.

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    best thing about those is you can store it on your cor clip while using your saber ....WIP looks good can't wait to see it finished

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    You know, I should have guessed. I like this design quite a bit, it's a bit long for my tastes, but I imagine that thing is going to feel like a monster in your hands with dual rumble motors and dark meat powering it.

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    Finally done!

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Nice! It's got some great Obi elements, but it's still very unique. How's it feel with those motors?

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    Excellent first! I'm not a fan of tri rebels but I can appreciate the difficulty level with them as well as other aspects. You really went all out for a first. I would have thought from the render it was bit long and the gear section was pushing it, but as a two hander it looks okay to me. You'll have to give us a close up look at the control box. It's hard to tell what you got going on there but it looks unique. Where did you put the motors and how did you mount them?


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