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Thread: Changing Sound Fonts on PC-U for dummies. ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tedstardust View Post
    Can you also change the Soundfont via R.I.C.E ? That way, you'd "never" have to re-open the saber once you installed everything, since you can really adjust everything without opening the hilt.
    No, RICE doesn't support changing the soundfont via the usb cable. Erv did test for that and said it could take 7-10 hours to transfer the font, and that would vary from one's computer to another's, meaning it could take even longer on older systems. If you think you're going to be changing the font often, it's really not that difficult to simply design the saber to be able to access it easily.

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    Yeah I'll be going for a saber with veeeeeery little space inside. Though I can fit all the stuff in there, it would be a lot easier to just lock it up and be done with that. But you're right, I guess I won't be changing the sounds so often.


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