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Thread: Never ever, ever, ever, loan your saber out

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    This economy stinks. Should you find yourself out of work because of this, you would sure wish you would have just dropped it. Consider it an expensive lesson and let it go.

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    After thinking about this over the weekend, I'm gonna let it go. This was a quick economy build to test the paint I used(obviously I wont be using it any more ). And if I can get the blade holder out I can salvage it. But this is no where near risking my kids well being over. Thank you all for the comments and advice.

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    I would say you owe me money for damaging my property, I would tell him flat out i dont care who you are you owe me money one way or the other.
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    Well, the next time you're up for a raise/review, I'd just drop the hilt on the desk.

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    Is there a human resource department at your company? I believe that's what they're for. Mediating any disputes that is. There's really no reason why this should put your job at risk but it is is wise to handle it delicately.

    He did know this isn't a toy to be thrown around though right? Did you explain to him how to treat it? If so he's definitely in the wrong.
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    I don't care who it is, if I let someone borrow something of mine, and they return it broken, they owe me. Even if it's the President of the United States, they owe me.

    Legally, they CAN NOT fire you, unless you blow your cool while confronting him, because, legally, he destroyed your property. It is ENTIRELY his responsibility, and if they even think about trying to fire you, you could sue their pants off, and win, big. Best to avoid that road, by being civil when you confront him. Bring a witness, someone you trust. Just lay down the cold hard facts in a civil manner and go from there. If he doesn't take responsibility, go above his head. Because if he doesn't, he shouldn't be third in command of a company.

    That's my two cents. But I'm not the type to back down from what's right...
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    This is not a matter that concerns whatever company he works for. So involving HR is not the way to go about it. Since it is unrelated to work, it should be handled outside of work. The OP decided to not follow through with any action, and everyone should respect his decision.

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    Well.. That sucks! But being optimistic it's pretty good weathering....

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    oh may god that saber is trashed

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    I think all you can do is learn from this experience and possibly turn lemons into lemonade. I remember someone wanted to know how to weather parts around here. Maybe you can provide a service for these types.


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