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Thread: Zayne Carrick

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    Howdy. Here's a Zayne Carrick hilt I just picked up on ebay. I'll be outfitting it with LED and sound. Looks so far to be a rare find...maybe

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    That's a lot of layers on that saber! Can't wait to see it fully functional.
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    Neat Design! Liking the Layers.

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    cant wait to see this lit.

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    Being a HUGE fan of Zayne Carrick, I am TOTALLY jealous of you right now! I can't wait to see this brought to it's full potential! Are you planning to be correct to the comics? Like a yellow/amber LED and such?

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    That is a very cool saber. I really the dig the layers and movement!

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    When you're working on it though, you should aim to reinforce the hilt at some critical points.
    Being a machinedFX hilt, it's very thin and if you're into heavy dueling, then it is absolutely essential.

    Nevertheless, I love the design, and I saw it on ebay a couple of times.
    Good luck on your project.

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    I would of just avoyded it, tatoosby5/mDfx usually dosent send out what hes offering.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hasid Lafre View Post
    I would of just avoyded it, tatoosby5/mDfx usually dosent send out what hes offering.
    I picked up a Knight of the Empire saber from him in 2007 ( or 8 ), a Darth Revan, and a Trooper saber from Tattosby5.

    For the prices he charges, I would recommend his work.

    The metal is pretty thin on all the hilts though, but they have great finishes, 1 in ID on all, so kinda tight space to get everything you want in.

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    Well a little update on this hilt. I have so many projects going right now that I have decided not to keep it. But in about a month or so I will be the proud owner of a mini metal lathe . So you can probably guess what I'm going to try Along with the hundreds of other ideas in my note book. lol
    I will say it again, his work is sound as a pound. I really dig it. Along with all the work I've seen from members here.
    My inspiration for getting that lathe
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