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Thread: Jedi Mynock's "Copper Top v2.0" MHS Build

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    Thanks Steve!

    I just got curious as the blade plug was made from scraps I found in my pops roll top I inherited. I just took the top nozzle off, threaded on a long bolt and gripped it with vise grips and stuck it over the oven range for a few minutes. Not too hot but enough to warm it up to change its color.
    For all I know, that nozzle could be titanium or something. Tons of neat kibble in my pops junk drawer.
    I like weathered sabers too and I always wanted to try aluminum black. That's what most use. Apply then when its dry just rub it off in certain areas with steel wool. Once you get the desired effect, seal it with clear coat (I would use matte). Add some nicks and dings with a dremel or hammer before to add depth and character tjat will stand out more with the alum black. Shameem morzefesh used that technique a lot and he was great at weathering sabers. It sucks he left the saber community he was great.

    As for the clamp card, I think it will be a circuit card since I have no idea how to make bubble strips and I'm fresh out of vintage calculators lol I dont even have a real bubble strip in my vintage ANH graflex but I would love to find one from an exactra someday.

    I will try to grab a pic of the nozzle soon.
    Happy sabering!
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    Tons of neat kibble in my pops junk drawer.
    Oh yeah, that’s always the way isn’t it? I remember going through my dad tools looking for cool things all the time. My 5yr old is just starting to do that now . The cycle continues LOL.

    I’ve actually been doing some aluminum weathering with (of all things) Oxyclean and then vinegar. It’s pretty cool what you can do with a bit of research. I’m gonna try the heat treatment on a few parts and see how they look. Thanks!

    - Steve

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    Nice work on the graflex clamp! I found that copper plumbing pipe can fit pretty well around the brass sink tube. Good luck with the upgrades!


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