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Thread: Turn down heatsink?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xl97 View Post
    keep in mind that if you use that BH with another heatsink that is NOT too thick.. but perhaps the normal thickness.. it will be loose. and you will have to shim it.
    QFT.. I always sand my heatsinks, not the blade holder
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    I might have thought to try that, if I hadn't already put the LED onto the heat sink with the thermal tape, that stuff gets messed up easily if you try to move the LED after it's stuck down.
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    You need to take off .055" approximately to make a full 360 turn of the blade holder.

    All you need to do is figure out your approximate angle of "offness", divide that by 360 and then take that answer * .055" and you'll have a good idea of how much needs removed.

    or you can sand it a little bit at a time :0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Maul View Post
    QFT.. I always sand my heatsinks, not the blade holder
    Ended up going with LM's suggestion. grabbed some 220 and went at it. Took all of 5mins to do. Came out pretty darn close to spot on.
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