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Thread: the BLOOD WYRM lightsaber (very pic heavy)

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    Its cool I knew what you meant I love geiger as well ! this is a xenomorph i made up after a weekend of watching aliens !

    I stayed up for 55 hours straight jacked on Mnt dew to draw that its really big too about 14" tall and drawn with a pen the size of a needle .

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    Now there's a build thread I REALLY look forward to. That's some serious ink work there!

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    The Build log in now up for this saber. It is housed at FX-sabers, it was built in 2 threads located here Part I and Part II
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    :-O oh. Fantastic work. I definitely fell in love with this saber!!!!!
    EDITED - Iīm sorry about earlier post, I donīt want any trouble. But Iīm completely amazed with this saber. I haven īt ever seen such perfect saber.
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    You're not allowed to discuss that here Malakay. Such talk can get you banned. Go read the forum rules.


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