Okay folks, the time for voting has come! Please read the following carefully!

There were only three entries for the 'custom' contest. As such, there will not be a distinction between the custom sabers and MHS sabers. It's just one big pool.

Voting will be held in two stages.

Stage 1 - Two polls, each with eight sabers. Vote in BOTH polls! These polls will run for three days.

Stage 2 - Stage two will only be one poll. The top three sabers from the first two polls will be included in it. Whichever saber wins this vote wins the competition.


Saber name: Gold Edition Starkiller
MHS Based
Brass Graflex Replica Shroud
PC-L Darkmeat
2 14500 Li-ion Batteries
5W LED Engine Red
Premium speaker
Momentary tactile switches
Custom Brass Covertec Kill Key
Lathed TCSS Blade Plug
Crystal Pommel
Red Button Thumbscrew as Blade Retention

Saber Name : Blood Wyrm
Specs :
Fully Custom hand Carved Aluminum Construction.
Polished finish with "antiqued" weathering.
Magnetically attached, Removable crystal reveal plate.
Genuine Raw Ruby gemstone crystal "heart".
Custom stainless steel "horn" screws, on/off switch, and kill plug.
Fully custom chassis, aluminum/plastic sled.
Custom "teeth" blade plug.
custom real Sheep Horn Stand, hand painted with the Sith code translated into sith language,
written in the "sith prophecy" font.

Fx - Darth Maul board
5w Ledengin Deep red LED
crystal leds : 1 red solid, 1 red blinky for "beating heart" affect
1 x TrustFire Protected 3.7V 2400mAh 18650 Lithium Ion cell
pololu latching to momentary board
tcss premium speaker
mom tact switch
recharge/ kill plug
10 deg lens
1" tcss trans white, thin wall blade w/ bullet tip

Saber name: Palea Dei
PC-L (Darkmeat)
ARKM Razor Blade Plug
Hidden Reverse Sound

Saber name: Muur's Revoke.
PC-L Darkmeat.
LED Engin 5w deep red
5* lens
Premium speaker
mom push button switches with custom buttons.
4x AA 2800mah ni-mh batterys
2.1mm canon recharge port
34" poly white blade

Saber name: Sith’ari
PC-L 1.5, Darkmeat, with Custom Boot (Vader: “You don’t know the power of the Darkside”) & Custom Aux (force lightning)
490nm (cyan) Rebel (bin 1) driven at 1.5A [custom pulse pattern]
490nm (cyan) Crystal Pommel [wired in parallel to the blade]
490nm (cyan) Choke Blinky [custom blink pattern]
Black AV Switch with Blue LED Ring [kill key removed activation]
Hand Painted – Hammered Copper
Carbon Fiber Accents
"Scorched" Emitter & Blade Plug
Solid Copper Pommel Spike, Kill Key and D-Ring
All MHS Parts with modifications by Tim (D-Ring hole, Hilt #1 modified similar to #4, grooves on Double Female to match Emitter neck, threaded hole for Choke LED, light holes in Emitter)
7.4V Li-Ion Battery Pack

Saber name: Annihilator
MHS parts and overlay with custom work and flat black powdercoating by Tim at TCSS
Custom pommel insert and aux switch
Custom blade plug
Calibrating crystal killkey
Petit Crouton Unlocked V1.3 With Madcow's Korriban font
2 TrustFire Protected 3.7V 900mAh 14500 Lithium-Ion batterypack
Reverse sound with sound venting under overlay and removeable speaker for SD card access.
LEDengin 5W deep red driven at 1500ma
Green LED sequenced by the PC
Two Red LEDs in pommel, One blinking one solid
34" thickwalled trans white blade with 6 feet of clear wrap and modified mirror

Saber Name: Ancalagon
Specs: MHS saber, brass and aluminum overlays, candy apple red and sable black powder coat, PC-L Dark Meat, 2x trustfire 3.7v batteries, Makoto style white ladder blade, dual crystal chamber with 2x progressive power-on LEDS and 1x bi-color red/white accent led, decorative self-powered blade plug, 16mm black vandal switch w. white ring.

Saber name: Fatum
Seoul P4
Latching switch