Okay folks, the time for voting has come! Please read the following carefully!

There were only three entries for the 'custom' contest. As such, there will not be a distinction between the custom sabers and MHS sabers. It's just one big pool.

Voting will be held in two stages.

Stage 1 - Two polls, each with eight sabers. Vote in BOTH polls! These polls will run for three days.

Stage 2 - Stage two will only be one poll. The top three sabers from the first two polls will be included in it. Whichever saber wins this vote wins the competition.

Saber name: Praxis
· Soundboard : PC L Lightmeat
· Blade System : Blue SSR90 Driven by 6.6 Amp Buck Driver with Blade Effects Controlled Via PWM Signal From PC L
· Narrow Beam Optic and 38 Inch Trans White Thin Wall Blade
· Full Power, or Half Power Double Run Time Modes
· Fan Driven Forced Air LED Cooling System
· Crystal Chamber : All Brass, Aluminum, Copper Crystal Chamber Chassis. Three Crystal Chamber, Two Quartz, One Blue Topaz.
· Illuminated by a Blue laser at 300mw & Five Accent LEDS
· Always Visible Crystal Chamber Viewing System Using Revolving Two Way Display Door (Protected Normal, and Maintenance Open Positions).
· Accent Lighting : 7 LED Multi Color LED Display with 2 RGB 1 Blue.
· Three x Blue .5 Watt Internal/External Blade Power Aura accent LEDs (Driven by PC L Driver).
· Power System : 2 x 2900mah 18650 High Capacity Batteries.
· 3 Momentary Switches. One for Primary Power, Blade Ignition, and Auxiliary Effects
· 3 Pololu Boards
· 1.3mm Recharge Port
· Speaker System : Passive Crossover Two Speaker Sound, One 28mm Speaker and One 18mm Speaker
· Custom Brass Auxiliary Effects Switch Knob
· Custom Brass Blade Ignition Switch Knob
· Custom Gold Primary Power On Switch Knob
· Custom Brass Belt Clip Ring
· Custom Engraved Solid Brass Trim Rings
· Solid Brass Engraved Shroud Thumb Screws
· 11.7 inches length

Saber name: Magnus Infernium
PC-L Lightmeat
LEDengin 5W Deep Red
Premium speaker
2 mini momentary switches
5 accent LEDs (2 on main LED, 1 on 3.3V pad, 2 on accent LED pads)
7.4V 14500 Li-Ion pack heatshrunk to the PC-L
In-hilt recharge
Plastic lining in the pommel to enhance resonance
Custom killkey and blade plug
Black Chrome PC on the emitter and diamond knurled Mara grip
Emitter base is chamfered 45 degrees
Pommel, gear, and choke hand painted and triple baked
Pommel, recharge port, and speaker easily removable for uSD access

Saber name: The Conqueror
-PC-L Lightmeat
-DX 3W RGB tuned to "PurPurple" using JOE JEDI optic lens
-Premium speaker in tcss speaker holder
-Green Dot Illuminated AV Switch (main)
-Red Dot Illuminated Tactile Switch (aux)
-Red flashing faux crystal pommel
-Blue flashing faux crystal chamber under control box
-Electronics Chassis/Sled
-7.4v li-ion in-hilt recharge setup (2x14500)

-AV Switch and pommel insert have been gun blued

Saber name: Aurum Dox
2010 Hasbro economy board
LEDengine 5W Deep red ( running @ 1100ma)
3.6v Li-ion Flush Recharge system
Mini speaker w/ Reverse sound
Micro switch in activation plate
Baked Gold and Black Enamel w/ Clear Lacquer
Brass chassis

Saber name: Faidon
Makotosai SuperOne
Makotosai V2 red led string
TCSS: Premium Speaker, Pommel Inserts, Red AV Switch.
Custom Battery Pack

Saber name: SCOURGE
Petit Crouton 1.5 “Darkmeat” with custom Boot and Blaster fonts
5W LEDEngin Deep Red
18650 Li-Ion with hidden in-hilt recharge port
Custom sliding crystal chamber cover with spring loaded crystal holder (allows different crystals to be interchanged on the fly)
Custom telescoping swing mounted premium speaker with custom speaker gear cover (to allow for easy access to the PC-L MicroSD card)
Custom motor stator blade plug
Custom pewter skull kill key
3mm white accent LEDs (3 in hilt – 2 in crystal chamber and 1 in the speaker cover)
Clear quartz double terminated polished crystal in the crystal chamber
Lighted momentary activation and accessory switches
Weathered MHS-based hilt

Saber Name: Ancient Ally
PC-L v1.5 Lightmeat
7.4v li-ion recharge/kill battery pack
Lux III Cyan Bin 1
Hand-cut custom aluminum overlay
Overlay held in place with invisible "Reverse Screw" method.
Triple-baked flat black painting with double-baked clear coat.
Faux crystal chamber
Crystal Pommel
Custom Weathering
Deer skin lace braided wraps
Black flat-actuator momentary anti-vandal switch
Premium speaker

Saber Name: Planet Elemental Saber found on Kashyyyk
Custon Carved & painted PVC hilt
1" Trans white thick walled blade
2010 Obi Wan Econo board
TCSS Clash sensor
2 TCSS Swing sensors
PNP transistor & 1ohm 2 watt resistor
P4 green Led with 5 degree lens
1 Trustfire 18650 Li-ion
TCSS red dot momentary switch
TCSS premium speaker
Recharge port & accent led in pommel