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Thread: Rebel, LedEngin Forward Voltages/Amperages (For Resistor Calculations)

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    Working on making a nice hot pink LED for the wife, and this electrical math STILL befuddles me.

    RBGW 10W LED

    7.4 Source voltage
    2.77 diode forward voltage
    1000 diode forward current (mA)
    4.7 Watt capable or greater 4.7 ohm resistor

    So if i'm reading the correct, i would apply this to BOTH the red and blue LEDs, then add another 5ohms to the blue resistor? I'm not exactly seeing 10-ohm resistors in the TCSS shop... help!

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    So if I'm reading this right, I would be able to run two rebel greens (off a GGW triple-rebel) in serial on a 7.4V battery pack and still have good battery life? Whereas you wouldn't be able to that with a LEDengin LED.

    Is that right?
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