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Thread: How to?

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    I might be wrong, but last time I was in Radio Shack, I'm pretty sure I saw DIN connectors there. And not terribly expensive. Also saves you shipping costs...

    I'm going to be implementing some in my next build actually. Still working on saber #1 tho... sure is one expensive hobby, sigh.
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    Thanks! Might check them out!

    What about an Ethernet cable? I have a few at my house. I believe it has 8 pins (one more than needed), am I wrong? Would that work?

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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure CAT5 cable isn't rated for the amperage you'd need for a power line.

    A component electronic store like RadioShack or Fry's will be your best option to get an appropriate plug.

    With all the work you're putting into the saber, you don't want to half-ass something as essential and as possibly dangerous as your powerline. Something fails and you could destroy all your electronics.
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