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Thread: Eomund's Valkyrie

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    Default Eomund's Valkyrie

    Hi saber-fans! Been a while since I've posted and wanted to show off my latest creation.

    I call this Valkyrie. I built this for my girlfriend, according to some elements she liked in other members' sabers. The saber has been in a state of "completeness" for a while, but I was not entirely happy with the shroud work, so I re-did that portion.

    The shroud consists of a sink tube sanded down to brass with a single brass compression ring in the middle to give it a balanced look. There is also a second compression ring on the emitter for consistency.

    This is a fairly simple saber design-wise. I wanted to give it more "character" but my girlfriend insisted that I not do anything more to it.

    P4 White w/ cyan filter
    Hasbro Eco 2010 Board
    4 1.2V AAA NiMH batteries w/ Recharge port
    MHS Blade Holder #1
    MHS Pommel #4
    MHS Fluted main body
    1.5" Brass shroud
    1.5" Brass compression ring
    1.25" Brass compression ring

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    I like this alot. The entire saber is very clean and simple. You pulled this off very well. The front heaviness brought on by the brass parts is coupled well with the fluted back section. The only thing I find that is different or offsetting is the placement and style of the switch. It is in an interesting place, being on the bottom, and the style of switch makes it stick out pretty far. i would have preferred the use of an AV, especially one of the plated momentary switches.
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    looks good, like the brass work.
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    I like this design, too—there's nice contrasts going on with the different metals and the curvy shroud vs. the straight fluting. Good thing you were stopped before it got out of hand.

    I don't know what a compression ring is... is it a plumbing fixture?

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    Thanks guys.

    @angle: Yes, the compression rings are plumbing fixtures. Normally, the largest you can get at a hardware store is .75". So when I went to my local hardware store asking about 1.5" compression rings they looked at me like I had two heads. Fortunately, they can be ordered online. Google "brass compression ring" and you should get some good results.

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    I do love this saber and (if it were mine) I'd find a way to add some of that brass ***iness to the pommel area.. otherwise.. I like it!!
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    just an added note on this.
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    I does look like it might be missing something. Maybe it's the bare MHS bottom section. Good advice to leave it atleast till your sure of what to do next next. nice work on the brass and the compression rings look awesome.

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    very simple and clean. mabey adding one or two more compression rings down at the toward pommel would tie it in a little without adding too much more. very nice saber regardless. great job.

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    Nice and clean. I'll pipe in that a bi o' brass at the pommel would set it off nicely. Maybe pop on a compression ring just above the joint or use one of Tim's trim rings.
    Something like this, maybe?

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    I think you guys are spot on with the suggestions. Fortunetally I happen to have an extra ring intended for placement at the pommel. Here's a quick mock-up for comparison.


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