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Thread: The Beginning of the End....

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    Sink tube often opens up after being cut. Your overlay will probably not lay flat against your saber. Perhaps you should experiment and try something a little less ambitious until you are familiar with your materials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimeRender View Post
    Perhaps you should experiment and try something a little less ambitious until you are familiar with your materials.
    The last one like I said was a concept one that I really didn't think would be possible ib that form but its a work in progress... Like I said i'll prolly be going with cs-01 as my first, and one i can learn with

    Thanks for your input
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    When you make your first saber, be sure to take a ring of sink tube scrap and cut it open. Then you can see how much it will deform.

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    Sry late to the party.. and yes sink tube will infact deform beyond belief if its cut thin enough.. or open..

    Here's the best advice that can be givin (at this time in your build life/wisdom/experience)... Look I know the forums can be quite overwhelming.. and the information overload as well as the artistic/semi spiritual nature of the build will PRESS on your ability to focus.. but I must ask you to infact do that one simple (to say) thing.. just settle on 1 build ONLY.. put the design in concrete and focus (if you make changes after you start buying parts or even worse after cutting/drilling/dremeling it can be extremely costly).

    Sit back.. look at all the inspiration.. look at the examples.. study every detail.. interior to exterior and beyond.. Here's a good trick, grab an empty paper towel roll (2x4 whatever) measure it out to the.. 15"? (that your saber might be).. hang it on your belt.. (yeah unless your like 6'6" or bigger it feels pretty large doesnt it?) hilt length is a personal thing but generally unwieldy once they get to a certain size.. I think around 11-12 is good .

    For a first build I recommend and specifically DO NOT recommend certain things..

    Do make a budget!! (remember this is practice if you have a saber you really really want to build perfect.. do it next or later.. first builds are fun.. but costly with a rather steep (for some) learning curve)

    Do go the "cheapo" sound route!!! Do I love tcss (Hellz yes, ask around, tat me up) but for your first build do I think you should buy the PC-L soundboard... no sry dont do it..... bad move and possibly wasted money (the Pc-L is full of bells and whistles you dont need the headache's of yet.. seriously stay away). try to get something going with the super duper easy to get econo card (walmart/target special.. and yes I'll link you at the bottom). Reason being.. you can replace this thing if and when some unforeseen issue's happen(which they will, so plan for it) and they sound GREAT with the tcss speaker. (they are infact sw/lucas licenced product after all....... )

    Do go green!!! (rechargable!!) (dont be afraid, I feel this is safe and easy to do.. just read a lot and be careful) wire in your recharge port and its all very simple once you sit everything down in front of you (yes its confusing on paper, but I promise you its very easy irl)

    Now for some do NOT's (imho)

    NO blinkies.. (a lighted Av is ok but bargraphs and craziness takes skillz) + they take extra wire and resitors and can quickly turn your wire harness into a "rats nest".. go blinkies next time
    NO powder coat.. it costs money(remember your budget) and you can bake enamel based paints yourself if your worried about durability (ask Az)
    NO crystal chambers/pommels.. again extra wires and really this is your practice build.. keep the good stuff for your display only never touch human hands saber.. (people love the stand.. sabers hate them.. the worst thing you can do to your first build is NOT take it out for some real fun spin practice or a duel or whatever.. sabers want to whack at stuff.. for really ask it).

    Man I hope that sets up my personal restrictions and outlines some reasons why.. (your hooked admit it.. so let your builds gain in difficulty when your experience wont make your wallet pay) because I'm not going to lie to you and dont fool yourself (or the wifey).. with all the new "tools" and things you need to buy/replace... you have chosen an expensive (yet incredibly rewarding) hobby and I can only compare it to building a ship in a bottle (hopefully that does justice to both our hobbies). I really hope that helps and if you need ANYTHING go to the chat/shoutbox..

    EDIT!! here's a link for the 2010 electronic (with dvd) lightsaber that the newest version "econo" board comes from.. and dont lie for the $20 you cant beat it on replacement value (you know for WHEN something shorts out, not if)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gin Malinko View Post
    just an added note on this.
    I vote dgdve as the site's motivational speaker. haha
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    Thanks For the info on the sink tube , must have missed that somewhere..

    @dg thanks alot for that...i never liked the extra led bars and what not, I like it to be "more elegant from a more civilized age" (don't hate my harmless plug) you are right that I might have been aiming to high for my first saber, these pics are just some ideas I had not necessarily for my first. I can definitely shorten my CS01 down some (i am 6'2") I'm aiming for 12 in. powder coating is definitely not a must atleast for my first. And the info on the sound board is just what I needed to know, I think my hardest part will be the wiring (I've seen the tutorial and such but I've never soldered anything in my life (sorta nervous that i'll short circuit something)

    thanks everyone for putting up with my nubcakeness (i think thats a word)
    The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.

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