When requesting custom work please adhere to the following standards.

1. All dimensions on drawings should be standard and not fractions as in .75 not 3/4". This means NO Metric measurements.

2. I cannot line up a switch hole, drill and tap hole, etc with another part unless I have all the parts here to line up. Every part will line up differently even if it is the same part number so I cannot just use a part off the shelf to align your holes.

3. For shroud requests I need the drawing made two dimensional and to scale so that if you where to cut out the piece of paper and roll it up it would look like the shroud. Include all the dimensions you can as I will charge extra if it takes me a long time to render your drawing. The OD of the shroud material is 1.574 which equals a circumference of 4.945" or basically 5". Drawing on a piece of graph paper with .25" squares would work great.

More to come....