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Thread: Hasbro FX Board with Removable Blade Diagram

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    This diagram will help me out a lot. I had a friend help me convert a 2010 Hasbro Obi-wan hilt, and I just received the conversion kit today. One of the wires that leads to the switch broke off the board and needs to be reconnected before it's completely finished. How did you remove the hot glue before resoldering?

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    I've followed the diagram minus the recharge port. The LED lights, but I have no sound. Does that likely mean the sound portion of the board is no good?

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    Possibly. You could also have wired the speaker incorrectly, or the speaker itself is blown.
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    I rewired the original 3 pin connector. I can hold either my Yoda or Maul Battery/speaker packs to the connector. LED powers up but still no sound from those packs either.

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    Just a quick question, I will be working on a hasbro removable blade kit fisto verry soon. What I need to know is.
    What the min and max voltage that the board can be run at?

    To clarify, I will be running it with a luxeon green and an ilumated switch. I know that the btry pack normaly runs 4.5v ( 3aaa) and a lot of that goes to the string blade leds.
    I have also seen some diagrams using a 7.4v power suply with a transistor and voltage regulator bringing it down to 5v.
    Using a li-ion set up, what is the recomended power suply.
    I'm hoping I can do this on a sigle 18650.
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    What kind of jerk necros a 6 year old post?! THIS GUY.

    Any of you guys around know what might cause lights to work but not sound on this board? I've wired it with as few connections as possible for testing and its just like the diagrams. I've replaced the speaker with a crappy project one (just to test it) and there's not a peep.

    I know the light has to be connected for the sounds but its not even doing the "fizzle".

    I wasn't going to upgrade it, just try to repair it. But it might just end up being a paper weight.
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