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Thread: how to disasssemble hasbro toy lightsaber?

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    Quote Originally Posted by equinox13 View Post
    the exchange is overpriced...
    QFT!!!! I never shop at the Exchange. Their products are always way 6-12 months behind the latest items, and their prices are always MSRP, and never a penny less.

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    you need to see japanese prices... the exchange is actually cheaper most of the time and i don't happen to have a convenient wal-mart or anything like tht to go get stuff at.
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    Default dremel if i ever find some metal

    Thanks for all the advice on the dremel options, I will keep this in mind if I ever locate some metal for my lightsaber hilt. You see I can't even buy a chrome sinktube in New Zealand, this type of stuff has all gone plastic here. I will take a look at buying one from the sabershop but shipping cost maybe a problem.

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    Hi Kiwijedi
    I live in NZ too and have been learing about making a saber myself. I live in Wellington, have done some research into what you can get here in the way of lasers etc seems like TCSS have far better prices than what we can get here eg jaycar. Just a mater of price of shipping from there to here.

    I have brought a hasbro obi wan to dismantle and plan to make a force unleashed 2 look a like.

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    Default laser lightsaber?

    Hi Canister, by lasers I presume you mean led's unless you are doing something really advanced and exotic. Like you I have also just bought a hasbro obi and I got a vader as well, both are 2006 force action type, I think the toy itself sucks, there are better ones than this model, although for parts like we need it sounds like it is one of the best of the toy ones. I have only taken the vader apart so far.

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    haha yeah I mean star Led's 3w and 1w, its worth checking out but they dont have the 5' lens.

    I have been playing with the MHS builder for almost a 2 weeks and getting close to ordering. Reading the posts its a bit of an unknown for shipping costs, have you got any further with that?

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    is it possible to take a 1995 Lightsaber from Qui Gon Jinn apart without dremeling it to pieces? I have the Vader-Version as well, but in the moment I don't feel like dremeling it to small pieces...

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    most if not all the cheaper "toy" sabers are impossible to fully disassemble and reassemble 100%.. but it can be done... that being said without your model in hand I couldnt begin to advise you... they are usually press fit and have a few exposed screws under the battery tray and such..

    also in 95'(when I graduated) I dont think it was a Qui-gon yet? atleast I never heard of him at that point... very interesting
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    just an added note on this.
    I vote dgdve as the site's motivational speaker. haha
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    Oh...I am wrong with the year...bought it 99 I guess. It was the year when phantom menace came out.

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    The 99 Qui-gon uses triangle screws to hold the 2 halves together. Just unscrew the emitter, then use a special driver (or, in my case, a drill) and remove the screws. You can then gut it and re-assemble. It will not light up, but it will retract.


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