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Thread: how to disasssemble hasbro toy lightsaber?

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    Will the light up work when I exchange the light-unit against a more modern LED? I have seen, that others used this saber too with LEDs. Otherwise I will use the Vader one I bought a few days ago...But there is one Big question I have about the energy source...the old sword uses two mono batteries which is 3 Volt I guess... The new one 3 AAA which is 4,5 Volts... Or am I wrong? I have two different batterieholders, One for 2 AAs and one for 4 AAs, I guess I can use the first for the older sword, but which is better for the new one? I haven't found one for 3... Or is it possible to extract the original one?
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    I used the Qui board with a Luxeon I cyan and it works great. A Lux III will be too dull, but I remember seeing that the P4's look good. As for the batteries, the newer boards can handle 6 volts without frying but I was told that 5 was the max for the Qui. I used a 4 AAA holder and NiMH rechargables. 1.2 volts each for a total of 4.8.

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    Another Question, I also have the Vader force action with 3 AA battery holder, what would be a safe LED to go with and could you drop a link for it. Iv seen many people recommend the Seoul, Rebel Star, Lux and others but cant translate the numbers to what works. Thanks


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