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Thread: baking enamel questions.

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    Default baking enamel questions.

    1) I want to try baking spray paint. However since its getting colder, ill have to paint it where I work then go home to bake it. Is this okay? Waiting a couple of hours before baking.
    2) I want to also ask if using spray paint is okay. Basically can I bake any paint from a can as long as its enamel?
    3) Last question is how long would I bake it for and how many coats.

    Thanks and any help is tremendously appreciated.

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    You can bake epoxy enamels, regular enamels, and lacquers.

    It's not a bad idea to let the paint have a couple hours drying time before you put your parts in the oven. Give the solvent in the paint a chance to evaporate.

    I generally put my parts in the oven, THEN turn it on to 350 degrees F. The parts get a chance to warm up gradually instead of being thrust into a hot oven. I bake mine for 30 minutes AFTER the oven chimes to tell me it is pre-heated. About 45 minutes total...give or take.

    I also let my parts cool down in the oven, so they cool down very gradually.

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    Here's more painting advice for ya.

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