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    Hey, I've got a question about the resistor sets to make sure the lightsaber doesn't overload (also so that it doesn't overload the LED), and I'm not very good with electronics, so I'd like to know if anyone knows the resistors I should use if I had a 12 Volt (8x AA's) power supply rather than the nine volts depicted in all of the diagrams. Thanks!


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    Tim posted this alittle while ago, hope it helps and if it does thank Tim.

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    I'm not referring to the Lux LED's, I'm referring to standard red, green, blue, etc., LED's, such as those that indicate power-on. And this is for an EL lightsaber, so the resistors are primarily to prevent damage to the inverter in case of accidental activation while bladeless.

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    To figure out the resistor for the leds, you'll need to know some specs on each. All those regular leds are different. Try using this online calculator:

    As for invertor no-load protection, a 1 mega ohm resistor has been recommended somewhere. My attempt at wiring one in though, failed, somewhere. I tried 4 times, and nothing worked, so I don't even bother. I followed the diagram exactly, and I would get no current to my blade.

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    Thanks for the suggestions; I'll just add 25% to the original resistor to compensate for the increased voltage; other than that, I'll just figure it out from there. Neat site you gave me a link to, I was interested in seeing the thigh holster that was mentioned but I couldn't find a picture or link on it.

    Back to the subject..

    I believe the way the resistor works is basically if there's nothing drawing electricity (as it goes the easiest path, naturally), then the only path is through the resistor; otherwise, it should go to the blade by my very rudementary understanding of electric properties.

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    Thunderer - if you scroll down on my main page, click on the "Star Wars Gear" link, then scroll down that page just a bit, you'll see another link labelled "Addition Costume Parts/Gear".



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