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Thread: Converting a Hasbro Mace force fx???

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    Thanks for this great tutorial, I was really wanting a Mace conversion, but I drank all the kool-ade about "MR is better than Hasbro ALWAYS" which is nonsense. When I opened my MR Mace, there was almost no space for the blade in the stock model, much less enough to add in an LED! The MR Mace has to be one of the worst stock sabers I've ever seen for dueling purposes and conversion. I put it right back together and sold it, then used the money to get a Hasbro.

    The Hasbro Mace is a little more complex to disassemble, but MUCH better put together, and with plenty of space for modifications. I opened it right up and put in an Ultrasabers VA. One thing to note with this conversion is that the wires to the on/off switch aren't stuck on too well so be VERY gentle when handling that part. Also, the leather grip is now made of hard plastic which can break if handled too roughly, so watch that too. The gold emitter bit was, for me, impossible to remove, but I really didnt need to, so try not to mess with that part unless you really have to.

    On the bright side though, I was using an Ultrasabers Ultraedge medium blade and it just went right in to the original black plastic sheath, and fit perfectly through the sturdy gold emitter with no problems! No need for a kit with this one, if you have a couple US sabers around just try a few blades and one of them will likely fit. I drilled a 1/8 inch hole into the gold emitter on the bottom, leather grip side, and then tapped it and put in my retention screw. The result being that I now have a very sturdy and brilliant purple dueling blade!
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    I will be ordering a sinktube blade holder and hopefully confirm it will act as a conversion kit until one is up or a better guide is around.

    EDIT: Input for those taking it apart, I did have to remove the half moon piece. No way around it. Pictures after home depot run!
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