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Thread: sink tube to MHS adapter

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    Default sink tube to MHS adapter

    Ok Nubi Question . I got a 1 1/2 inch sink tube so i am gonna want the 1.5 MHS to sink adapter. is the 1.25 for the 1 1/4 inch sink tubes
    just wondering gonna make a Asoka Tano saber i found a place that sales the
    Bunny ears or as they call it Aluminum Tbar i think its some kind of shim O my latest build LOl i bought all the parts from TCSS to make it but ended up using none of them i had a machine shope make them
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    The 1.25 adaptor is indeed for 1 1/4" sinktubes.

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    Default Asoka tano

    So sitting here in front of my lappy staring at the sink tubes and MHS parts i got in front of me i decided to make a version of asoka the issues i need to figure out are 1st the sink tube with the flare it does resemble the saber its self but the flared part is no where near long enough so i was thinking of getting a MHS to sink adapter in order to add a few inches to that part of the hilt
    I am going to assume that since my sink is 1 1/2 i am gonna need the 1.5 adapter? does the adapter its self add any length second would of corse be the pommel i don't remember seeing any in the TCSS store so i was thinking two things 1st i could take the pommel from my Obi EP2 sand off the power coat and use that or i could use a tow hitch the only prob with that is the flanges that go around it am not sure where to get some. any way if any one has tried or has made a hardware version any pointers would be very very helpful

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    The 1.5" sinktube to MHS adapter does not add length to the sinktube, per the pictures.

    The 1.25" sinktube to MHS adapter does add length.

    Ahsoka Tano style pommels are not a currently produced MHS item.

    I believe you try the wanted/forsale over at (or ask AceRocket)

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    I have a question about the "Obi". You say you had a machine shop do the parts because the TCSS parts were "off the mark", yet these aren't any more accurate. How is a black section with t-tracks on it more accurate than Tim's Gear? The pommel also looks nothing like an A'shanks handwheel, actually looks like the pre-extruded stuff Parks used to use.

    As far as the Tano, the Acerocket TPM pommel also wouldn't work as it's not the same shape. The Tano pommel is more spherical and the cubes are short and close together.

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    Cool Nope not that one

    LoL noo that one is not i have not yet put the parts togather. but thank you for the input I have yet to get a few of the remaining parts for it. the one i built in the pics was one from parts i had lying about my work shop
    Yah on that build the black section is not really to scale as is the emitter this one i did not even use a MK2 gear on the bottom if u look closely its the rubber grips used on a DV or ANI saber


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