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Thread: First Saber Build: Luke ROTJ V1

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    Default First Saber Build: Luke ROTJ V1

    Howdy Folks,

    This is my first build and just wanted to check i've not missed anything stupid out of my parts list. My hilt is going to be a MHS version of lukes ROTJ V1. Its just the hilt and electrics, will be getting a blade later.

    Parts List

    Ribbed Choke Combo
    Blade Holder Style 5
    4" Double Female threaded connector
    MPS Pommel Style 3v1
    MPS insert 1
    MPS Clip
    Activation Box 1
    2X 6-32 socket head cap screws
    Natural Card
    8-32 X1/2" Thumb screw
    1/8" Adhesive heat shrink
    Soeal P4 Electronics kit
    Drill & Tap hole (8-32)
    Machine standard style switch hole.
    Machine button for covertech clip

    Im not entirely certain how im going to mount a switch in the activation box so i've just left it at the standard switch that comes with the p4 Kit.
    Also do i need to purchace another drill and tap service for the covertech button and for fitting the activation box?


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    I can't really answer your switch questions, but I can tell you that you might want to change your pommel to the #3v2 since it looks much more like the one from Lukes ROTJ saber. The v1 is smaller with smaller square extrusions. Other than that I think you should be ok.

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    For each item you want a hole drilled and tapped for, whether it's for a blade retention screw, Covertec screw, whatever, it's a separate service charge, which is generally for a single hole. I don't know how it works for an activation box, since those require 2 holes.

    So your plan is to put the standard switch that comes with the kit inside the box? The hole in that one is designed to pass wires through, not to mount a switch. This might be the new box designed to hold the bubble strip, since I don't know of the old box 5 will be restocked.

    So you'll need to ask Tim about the hole size in that box, and if a standard switch can be mounted in it, as well as if it will be a single charge to drill and tap both holes for the box.

    I'd do that before you order your parts.

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