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Thread: My Longsaber hilt

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    Default My Longsaber hilt

    This will be a work in progress, but here's the body of the saber!

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    It doesn't look that long. Looks long is it? 13-14"?

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    That looks about as long as my first saber design.
    (All the parts being a bladeholder, choke, main body, adapter, extension, and pommel. )
    Id imagine its about how long CC said.

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    15.4" Depending i might increase the back extension later.

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    I like the design tho, well done. In my opinion you could leave it as is. but the extension would add that much more playroom with the electronics. Id say a win/win either way.

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    14" should be more then enough length for two of any sized hands and ample room for any electronics set-up.

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    My longsaber is 14" long and is the pefect length for my gorilla hands. I wouldn't go any longer though.

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    I make most of my personal sabers 13" - 14" and it works great for the times when you need a 2 handed grip.

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    the saber I will build soon... has a length of 13.95" or 35.43 cm... I see it more as a THREE hander that big :P

    In the movies the two handers weren't nearly as long as this will be, but I always wanted to make a three hander!
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    It's got a nice design to it. Although I prefer shorter hilts personally around 10.5" to 12". But I could see how the extra length provides an advantage when dueling and general "showing off". Nice work. How long of a blade are you planning on?
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