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Thread: how would you make this

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    Exclamation how would you make this

    in the trailer for knights of the old republic the main sith warrior throws his lightsaber and we are able to see the whole thing for a half second. i took a picture of the hilt (link below) and i was wondering how i would go about making this for myself. thanks

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    the hilt looks pretty straight forward though the pommel and neck area you will need some custom work.

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    here are some better shots...
    This would require some serious machining skills to complete this accurately.
    You could maybe get away with a modified BH 1, a MPS stlye3 V2 and some 1 1/4" sinktube adapters...

    The claws... you are on your own.
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    Better pics in the new trailer. Check it out.

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    That guy's got more buttons & lights than 3 Vaders. What's with all the sith & masks lately? Do you have to jump in the magma & turn into a crispy critter to be a sith now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunrider View Post
    That guy's got more buttons & lights than 3 Vaders. What's with all the sith & masks lately? Do you have to jump in the magma & turn into a crispy critter to be a sith now?

    @ Cardcollector

    You can crop the images in order to retain image quality and still stay within forum posting rules
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    cc, you know that pics that large are not allowed on the forums.

    If you're just focusing on the saber, then please save them to your own photo album and crop them to fit the 800 x 600 size limit.
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    Those claws would be easy compare to the ones I did. Mounting them may require some compromise. I don't think this one would be too hard unless you want %100 percent accuracy.

    I think the best way to go would be to have custom claw and ring as one piece if possible and have the blade holder slide inside it and lock it on using hte threads.

    The way the blade comes out of the emitter on this shot is kinda neat.

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    Hold on hold on!!!!!!!! I rendered this baby awhile ago for the benefit of others and myself. Mainly made of MHS parts and overlay, then some PCING, and groovework, and of course custom "blades"

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    I've seen some amazing stuff done with sheet metal and tip snips. (That's one possible option for the blades if you want to DIY) And you're willing to compromise on the authenticty a little bit.

    @ sunrider during the old republic the Sith had there own academys and serious injuries were not uncommon during training (even when they used training sabers) not to mention they were constantly fighting the Jedi. But since it looks like he's in both trailers it's likely all of that's there for dramatic effect.
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