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Thread: Pololu wiring diagram?

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    Default Pololu wiring diagram?

    Hey guys. I am looking for any help that can help me wire up my Pololu board & my 'SPST Momentary tactile switch' and my Anakin Skywalker ROTS MR sound board. I have seen the diagrams for just the MR boards, but nothing with the Pololu board thrown into the mix.


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    Here's the post from that topic at FX-sabers:
    Quote Originally Posted by zook
    I did not find this little board but saw it posted by another member. I bought some and have done some testing. So far I have powered a MR board, buck puck, and a cheap hasbro board + P4 (using pololu board to power the p4 so there is no clash flash). All with great success (well except for instant on and off with the hasbro combo).

    Here is a link to the board

    There are two versions of the board so get the correct one for your application (I would go with LV on MR boards and SV on buck pucks). If you just want to get one version I have tested the SV and it works down to 3V but not sure if it will cause it damage.

    Here is a diagram I made to help out on hook up to a MR board:

    Here it is for a puck (same picture but wiring text changed)

    Hope this helps someone.

    EDIT: I didn't mention one thing in the write up. To use this in conjunction with a economy hasbro board (the new ones at least) you have to use a DPDT switch. The hasbro board has one of its pins connected to ground so it messes up the function of the pololu board (makes it on all the time).

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    Great!! This is perfect. Thank you sooo much.

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    Well, it looks like I ordered the wrong Pololu board the first time so I had to buy another one. I didn't even know that there were different models, ha ha. The first time I ordered the SV board and the instructions above indicated that I needed a LV board for a MR sound board. Oh well. At least they are only $10 shipped.

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    I believe the SV switch is still capable of running where the LV is specified. If you look at the minimum switching voltage for the SV, I believe 4.5v from the FX board is enough.

    That being said, the LV is the *correct* board. I made the same mistake, but caught it soon enough to change my order.

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    Hi what is the purpose of this switch? I dont seem to get it at all.

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    It lets you use a 'momentary' switch instead of a 'latching' switch. A momentary switch will only turn the electronics on when you hold the button down. As soon as you release the button the electronics would turn off. So this board lets the momentary switch turn on the electronics with one push of a button and then another push turns them all off. I want to use a really small tactile momentary switch to put under my red Graflex button. A normal switch is far too big and wont fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dj2rbo View Post
    Hi what is the purpose of this switch? I dont seem to get it at all.
    Most latching switches are noticeably longer then momentary switches. Also, you might like the style of a certain momentary switch that you cant find in a latching version.

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    Well I received my Pololu board today and I already installed it into my Graflex saber. I LOVED it. It is so small and simple and it works perfectly. I used a extremely small tactile switch (which was the hardest part of building the whole saber) and put it up under the red button on the Graflex and hooked it up with my MR Anakin sound board and it worked great. My only thing I have to work on now is the clash sensor isn't as responsive as I hoped. It is just floating in the hilt and I think if I mount it on something so it can feel the vibrations it will work much better. So that is next. I also need a speaker holder. For now I just hot glued it to my battery holder. It isn't nearly as loud as my MR ESB Vader so I am hoping it will be louder once I put the speaker holder on the speaker so it might direct the sound more out of the bottom through the holes I drilled.

    Oh, can you use a Pololu board with just a battery pack and a LED? No soundboard? I want to use a momentary switch on my little boys saber and he doesn't have a soundboard in his and I think the Pololu board would be great if it would work.

    Well thanks for the help.


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