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Thread: Pololu wiring diagram?

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    i dont think so but im not totally sure what im looking forphoto.jpg

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    I just wired up a second one and it works fine, not sure if the first was defective, but Im glad it wasn't me not following simple instructions

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    I am currently planning a build using a 2007 hasbro ANH vader board, a Pololu board, 7.4 v battery pack with a recharge port. and to be perfectly honest I have no idea where which wire goes to what. I have wired a Pololu to an MR board before but not with a recharge port in the mix. Any help would be appreciated.

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    7.4 volts will destroy that sound board unless you put a 5volt regulator in there with it. Adding in a recharge port is as easy as adding one on for any other board....put the recharge between the battery and the board.

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    has anyone on here tried the Pololu converter with the new Black Series sabers?

    And, if you have, how'd you wire it up so you could use a momentary switch with it. I've got on of the new converters and I'm having a difficult time getting it to work with the Rey (Jedi Training) saber.


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