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Thread: Time to remove or rename this section?

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    I shouldn't have used the word "remove" in the thread title. Obviously, it would be stupid and wasteful to delete past posts. Whether or not someone wants to make an EL saber, there are still countless instances in prop building or costume making when EL is the best choice, and all the information here remains useful.
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    I agree that this section shouldn't be deleted, it is a piece of saber building history. Just like the thread on ASAP on the start of luxeon sabers.

    I think that it could be renamed or just pushed down to the bottom of the forum index. The new ideas and technologies could be expanded to include LED strips
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi-Loreen View Post
    I think this section should definitely not be removed. If for no other reason than it shows where light up sabers first got their start. It's sort of a piece of history. And, I've written a lot of posts here.

    Sometimes people want to try an EL saber just to try it get a feel for how it worked, and maybe for nostalgic purposes. I don't use my EL sabers anymore, but they are still a cherished part of my saber collection.

    I could see maybe renaming and expanding it with other technologies, too.
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    Yeah, EL is history....and just that. It is the roots of where we are now, and where we will continue to go...if you forget your roots, what have you got left?

    Yep, it should stay in some way for sure. Just IMHO.

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    I think EL might be history for blades but otherwise I'd like to try it for hilts or other creative applications.

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    They actually make an EL wire with an extended, flat edge to the sheathing to be more easily sewn onto clothing.
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