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Thread: Coventry

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    Default Coventry

    When the Empire starts training Sith assassins they first breakdown all ties to "normal" society.

    Makotosai SuperOne soundboard
    Makotosai Custom 40' led strip Blade
    TCSS parts
    Special thanks to Eastern 57 for his tutorial on converting a mom switch to a Latching one.

    your eyes aren't lying, this puppy is long.


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    Now this is a beauty!

    The way you used that choke 2 was brilliant!

    Great saber!

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    wow, that is quite unique. I like it.

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    sweet! I like your style. This is better than your contest saber IMO (which was also very nice).
    All n00bs READ these first (PLEASE)!!!:1. LDM's Basic Saber-build Step-by-Step Tutorial 1A. Maul's Saber Dictionary 1B. THREAD INDEX 1C. Econo Sound Diagrams
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    oh thanks,
    lol ya that's what my friend said but I didn't want to switch horses mid-stream.


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    rather interesting. I like it definitely a win in my books

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    Very clean design, looks like it means business
    With the Blast Shield down I can't even see.. how am I supposed to fight

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    I totally like this one better. The emitter poking out through the shroud, and I'm a sucker for chokes...I really like this one. Best one of the 3 I recall.
    I switched horses mid stream and luckily it worked in my favour.

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    Ya it did, I loved your entry in the contest.
    Im a fool for chokes as well.
    my next saber is all chokes.


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    Very cool looking saber, I'm really digging the use of that choke especially!
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