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Thread: BORAX STRIKES BACK ! with saber #2

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    Default BORAX STRIKES BACK ! with saber #2

    Hello again all you saber building freaks !! I finally finished my second saber !!
    took me more time than I planned but then all things usually do, as well as the fact that every single piece is pretty much custom made, cut, ground and screwed or jb welded together

    Well, this one was a doosey from the start mainly because of the heavy gauge materials I had planed for this saber as the person I made it for likes the feel of a heavy saber. I made this one as a gift I am giving to an older friend who is a HUGE star wars fan, cant wait to surprise him with it ! He likes red, sith like sabers so this is what I came up with. a big mistake I made was trying to use a coarse threaded coupler which will never happen again I can assure you lol. but still a few firsts on this one and I really like the over-all way it ended up.

    so on to the build...

    The insides include:
    2- 700ma buck pucks
    2010 hasbro card
    5v regulator
    6-1.2v 2600ma AA re-chargeable batts
    re-charge/kill switch
    tcss speaker

    The custom kill port

    custom made momentary switch

    Blade holder screw

    This is the inside chassis, the wiring was cleaned up a lot and heat shrunk before going in the saber.

    The finished Product with 1" thick walled poly carb blade, sanded with trimed mirrored tip to allow light through. about 6' of cellophane wrap inside. After building my first red blade I look forward to making another, I really like the way they look

    Taken with flash

    no flash darkened room

    and both sabers side by side

    Well that's saber #2 ! I hope you guys enjoy this one as you did the first
    And now I must rush to finish saber #3 for the contest !!...

    Just for fun here are a few progress shots from this saber, As soon i have more time and its not 12:30am I will make a build post for this one.

    this is the bottom piece which i am really proud of "lathing" since it turned out just as I wanted for the most part. and a pic of my ghetto "lathing" technique.

    this is the plastic holder i made for the re-charge/kill switch

    some random pieces

    and the upper shroud area

    Again thanks all on this site that contribute the wiring diagrams to guide us who are ignorant of such things ! Enjoy.
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    You, sir, have some serious saber skills. Especially considering the tools you use.

    But then I think we already knew that after seeing your first saber.
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    WoW! Very nice. I really like the front end and the back is nice too. The layered overlays are relatively simple in design but have nice impact. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the center black piece which looks not only like plastic but another colour black. Also seems a bit long IMO. But that's just me. How long is it? Even the blade looks long. Over all very nice, and obviously a step up from the last one. Nice upgrades on that one too.

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    Most impressive, and done with limited tools also.

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    Very well done, very creative with your tool setup. Nice saber
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    crystal chamber- yeah I hear you on the middle piece there. that's the threaded coupler i was mentioned up top, and its coated in black rubber actually, the flash on the camera kind dulled it out there.

    the blade is actually short at 34" and the total length of the hilt is 15", but i tend to like longer hilts myself

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    Great job sir! I am impressed...

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    this thing is the AWESOME!!! extreemly nice work. i am very excited to see what you build next. i love your set up to. very clean. you indeed have very good saber building skills.

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    Very nice work .

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    great job. Good looking saber.
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