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Thread: Basic Saber Build list of parts

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    Hey guys, I am new to the custom saber stuff. I own a custom saber but I want to build my own using the MHS. I picked out the pieces that I want for the hilt but I dont know what to do with electronics. I want a rebel star led but i don't know what else I need.

    I'm thinking about using a soundboard from an old Disneyland build your own saber but I do not know how I would wire that up and what parts I would need to go with the led for that.

    Thanks a ton guys!

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    Continue to do your Research. There are several threads offering both tear down of the hasbro sabers and the rewiring of the soundboard to drive the rebel or Cree LEDs. There is an entire sub category here dedicated to the econo boards start there.

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    Thanks a lot! I have been wanting to make a lightsaber since Lucasfilm/Disney announced episode VII, and this tutorial has been very helpful. The list is a very well made, it really helped out a lot. There are some things I would do differently, though: it might be a better idea in step six to choose for a battle blade, as the show blade feels not quite strong enough in my hands. I may be mistaken as I haven't had a "real" battle with it yet. In step 4 you instruct to choose a "clip", but on the linked page there is only one and it's not really clear to me why you need it. Maybe it's there because of updates? Lastly, the battery you recommend in step 5 cannot be shipped internationally, so for those who do not live in the U.S., It is more useful to choose this LED this battery holder which holds normal AA batteries and this buckpuck despite using "normal" AA's, the LED is still extremely bright and lasts long, I have had my lightsaber for three months now (I use it on a daily basis) and there are no signs of the batteries running out of juice yet. Also, there is no charger provided with the li-ion battery you recommend
    Although this seems like quite a lot of ""complaints"", I am really grateful! Thanks a lot for the effort and time you put into this!
    May the Force be with you.

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    Hi im new to building i know what i need for the saber components i have a design a mate that works in CAD so i will have a 3d version of my design a fabrictor to make my hilt my only question is inside the hilt do i need places so components can sit in place or would the set screw hold the heatsink and blade on its own

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    Ok, new here but I've done a fair and amount of reading and video watching. My son and I are going to build a replica Graflex battle saber for A New Hope. The goal is an LED saber with sound a crystal chamber. I'm starting with a Graflex 2.0 kit, blade holder, and blade. I'll add the rest later but want to keep that in mind with what I buy now. For the blade, we're going with the Corbin battle blade, but which blade holder do I use for A New Hope? Thanks in advance. This is a blast.

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    hi im new here can i use 7.4v Li-ion 1600mAh 14500 Battery Pack with the nano biscotte v 4.0?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitzi View Post
    hi im new here can i use 7.4v Li-ion 1600mAh 14500 Battery Pack with the nano biscotte v 4.0?
    No, in the NBv4 manual, it states on page 6, the second point, “Power supply : 3.4 to 5.5v / 4A per LED channel. SINGLE li-ion cells (18650 or 14500).”

    Single cells are 3.7v, dual cells are 7.4v, and it you hook one up to a NB, it will fry.

    Reading though the Soundcard manual is essential to building a saber.

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    hello. First post here. Found this resource from Rob's videos and new to soldering at all. Am on a budget and plan to buy my supplies in roughly $30.00 bits (which appears to work for heat gun, drimmel, and soldering gun. Went to harbor freight, home depot, and lowes and none of the people there (and a friend of mine who knows soldering) know what rob was talking about. Planning to start with basic stuff first basic stunt saber or saber with sound to get myself started.


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