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Thread: How to cut off a screw using a Rotary Tool

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    Default How to cut off a screw using a Rotary Tool

    This 1/4" brass screw is going to be used on an MHS double threaded Jaded grips section, so I'll need to shorten it by about half. I'll use a rotary tool and a reinforced cutting wheel for the job.

    I'll be using the 8-32 nut to secure the screw in the vise grips to prevent damaging the head of the screw, and to also help with maintaining the integrity of the threads:

    I inserted the screw into the nut.....and then placed the nut/screw assembly into the vise grips:

    I set the rotary tool to a high speed, then I used slow, steady pressure on the tool and carefully cut it off:

    There we go! All shortened!


    I'll use a pair of pliers to get the screw and nut out of the vise grips:

    Now I'll use the Allen wrench to back the screw out of the nut:

    This will also help to clean up the threads you just cut through.

    And then install in into the double threaded Jaded extension:

    Now the screws don't stick through into the inside diameter of the part, and you can easily fit an MHS speaker mount and battery pack in there with no problems:

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    nicely done tut...

    direct to the point.. with pics! (nothing left to the imagination)

    and something I bet many people forget.. (I know long ago when I learned this.. it was a life saver!)

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    I learned how do to this 20 years ago. It's a good thing for people to know about.
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    Great thread, Jay Gon. I stickied it for you (probably what this PM in my inbox is about too )
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    Great info Jay!
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    Yep, had to cut some brass screws down for that saber in the pics, and remembered J-Lo's comment elsewhere on the forums about how to cut a screw, and thought, why not take pictures, since I was going to be cutting 23 screws anyway?
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    I've had to do this a few times now, where was this tutorial a few months ago! Would have saved me a nice burn on my leg from the HOT screw falling on me! (melted through my gym shorts)

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    Really off topic thread hijack....

    What is that kind of vise called on your drill press??? It looks quite helpfull...
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