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Thread: TCSS - Powder Coating

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    Default TCSS - Powder Coating

    Post pics of parts powder coated by TCSS
    The Custom Saber Shop

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    black powder coating inside the hilt grooves in the first pic.

    the second pic contains a pic. of the saber lit (lux. V green) and the hilt with of course powdercoated grooves p.s. sorry for size of the pics... for some reasion my computer isn't allowing me to make them bigger... sorry for the inconvinence
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    Solar Flat Black in Natural Lighting (Direct Sunlight)

    Xtreme Chrome in Natural Lighting (Direct Sunlight) You can see the difference in color from the un-powder coated Pommel Insert.

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    Inner 1.25 sink tube and Pommel style 7 powder coated solar flat black:

    MHS ribbed extension grooves powder coated solar flat black:

    4" Fluted double female threaded connectors and the grooves on the blade holder style 18 powder coated Super Wet Black:

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    Solar Flat Black

    Sun Gold

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    Wrinkle Black
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    Default Copper Jacket Metallic

    Blade Holder is custom powder coated and a Ribbed Section.

    Blade Holder and Main Body style 4.

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    MPS pommel style 3v1 in Super Wet Black custom style:

    MPS pommel style 3v2 in Super Wet Black in custom style:

    Ribbed extension in Super Wet Black in RIB3 style:

    Ribbed extension in Super Wet Black in RIB2 style:

    Blade holder style 8 in Super Wet Black in custom style:

    Shilt 2 in Super Wet Black in SH22 style:

    Shilt 2 in Solar Flat Black in SH22 style:

    Blade holder style 18 in Solar Flat Black in B181:

    V-Grooved ribbed extension in Solar Flat Black in RGR3 style:

    V-Grooved ribbed extension in Solar Flat Black in RGR1 style:

    Ribbed extension in Solar Flat Black RIB1 style and Blade holder style 12 in Solar Flat Black in B121 style:

    V-grooved ribbed extension in Sun Gold in RGR1 style:

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    Default Solar Flat Black

    Solar Flat Black with C1S2 option on choke, and SH22 on main body.

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    Well i don't have pictures of powder coating , But do have a question as to ..
    Has anyone on the forums used at home powder coating ?
    You can buy materials and colors off amazon and bake at a basic 400 degrees for 10 to 15 min varies per color .


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