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Thread: GreaSyde's "Dark Leia" (Red P4/2010 Eco Obi SB Hasbro)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreaSyde View Post
    While those two are great looking sabers (to be honest my jaw dropped when I saw the first one, the second one made me jealous), they don't have that truly "dark" feel to them. As Rhyen mentioned before wet and shiny doesn't feel evil enough. So wrinkle black PC it is. I had never planned on milling out the grooves so, it's good to know that I'm saving myself a lot of hassle.

    Zook: I will take you up on that offer (like how you set up the pommel w/RC port)

    Lord Matto: I am assuming that the lights in the emitter are pass-thru not lit leds (PM me if you want to tell me how you did it)

    Thanks for the great feedback. It really makes a long time lurker like myself feel welcomed.
    It is an MHS pommel that I sanded the threading off of to make it fit (I think I did the inside of the saber a little as well). I got the idea from Jango (Roys blues on here) as well.

    The pieces on the emitter are as J-Lo said. They are 5mm LED bezels glued into place. The holes had to be drilled in the emitter big enough for the bezels but thats really all there is to it.

    I don't know, if I were a sith I would want a shiny saber. Just because I am bad doesn't mean I don't like shiny stuff lol.
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    I personally think that shiny black gives a "deadly" or "slick" look to it, the kind of feeling you might get from a poisonous snake or an assassins blade.... I have always associated shiny black with deadly. But i still think that the wrinkle black would be best (as i stated earlier)
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    are those LED bezels puch in or are they bolt on/screw on? because i love the puch in type but those only come in black. do they have those in chrome?

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    Just wanted to stop in and say Freaking Fantasic Leia sabers... Still waiting on the one I ordered for the wife to come in. They said it shipped this week, but we shall see.

    My vote is for a nice weathering. I always felt weathering gave the sabers a more powerful look.

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    I would go with the flat black myself. Either way it'll look awesome. I just checked out the wrinkle finish. Definately the black wrinkle finish.
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    Default Back from Powder Coat

    Just got her back from PC. As soon as I get out of work I'll wire her up and take some pictures and video with my camera.

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    My god that looks sweet! Damn fine powdercoating, looks crazy badass. To bad saberforge screwed me or I would have one of those bad boys sitting on my desk insted of being short 170......

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    Oops, I totally forgot to post this video of my wiring test. Forgive the mess, it was an impromptu work bench (dinning table )

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    That's flipping awesome! It looks real sisnster.

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    How does it grip? It looks like the c/t wheel and switch are in the way of your bottom hand, but of course I don't have it in hand.
    Also, by switch location, you could use it starkiller style.

    Great saber, dude.

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