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Thread: My first MHS saber.

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    Wink My first MHS saber.

    Hi. Some photos of my first MHS saber with Ultrasound 2.5
    Have to add some status LED to the handle. But wireing was a pain. Will do it some other time. But looks and feels real! (Luxeon III blue inside)
    MHS is a great system! Will add some gripband to the handle around the button where I made some nasty scratches into the surface. Silly me.
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    Very , very nice saber indded.

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    Nicely done. I also have a blue LUXIII with US 2.5. XD Is that a TCSS 1 inch battle blade? Try adding like 4 feet of cellophane gift wrap inside the blade, gives a cool effect. To me anyway, if you don't like it you can just keep the blade as is. I would let the scratches show, gives the hilt more character, my hilt got some scratches after fixing it up and it looks kinda cool like that. I had too thick of a piece of plastic inside the hilt and it was making a tight fit for the soundboard and battery pack. x.x Then after that my lens holder broke and then the threads got messed up. But its finally fixed though. You gonna do another MHS saber or stick with that one as a "signature saber"? I'm going to stick with mine.

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    Looks good hope the statusled wireing goes well when you get to it.
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    Looks good. Using a US 2.5 on a first build is quite a challenge. I had mine running but still trying to work out a better sled. the accent LEDs are tough to solder. Using a magnifying glass with the clips like the one in DJ's youtube saved me. Sooo handy.
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    Nice, ambitious job on your first build. Most peeps starts with a stunt then move on to FX boards before trying to tackle an U.S.

    Good choice of parts as well. Keep it up!

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    Great looking first saber, you have done a really good job, keep up the good work

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