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Thread: 06 MR Darth Maul - Done & kits available

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    Default 06 MR Darth Maul - Done & kits available

    This tutorial will show you how to convert your 2005 Master Replicas Darth Maul to a 3watt Luxeon using The Custom Saber Shop conversion kit . The saber will retain all sound functions and use the original switch. I make no guarantees that the wiring etc that I say to use in this tutorial will be the same in all models. You will need to have basic soldering and mechanical skills to do the conversion. You can reuse the stock MR blade by sanding the base of the blade down so that it will fit inside the blade holder. When finished you will have one very strong saber as everything between your hands and the PolyC blade will be metal to metal with no weak plastic.

    Parts list
    MR Maul Saber
    Conversion Kit
    8.7 Degree Collimator Lens
    Lens Holder
    Cree Star LED
    Thermal Tape

    Optional but recommended
    Complete 1" Blade to replace factory one

    Unscrew the pommel and remove the battery pack.

    There is a small pin in the side of the activation switch that must be removed.

    Using a small punch push the pin inside the knurled cap.

    Once the pin is pushed in, using a small flathead screwdriver carefully pry the cover off and remove the small metal ring under it.

    Inside the black plastic switch there is a small philips screw that must be removed, as well as a small metal tube that acts as a guide and spacer for the screw and switch.

    Unscrew the aluminum knurled knob and aluminum ring directly behind the activation switch.

    Remove the convertech knob from the bottom of the hilt.

    There is a large pin that goes through the hilt body just behind the emitter. Using a punch push this pin all the way through the hilt to release the blade and blade holder from the hilt.

    Inside the hilt there is a plastic ring that must be removed. This will not be reused, so there is no worry if it is damaged while removing it from the hilt.

    You can now push the blade and electronics of the saber out the pommel end of the hilt.

    There are 2 small pins that connect the blade assembly and holder to the sound module.

    Push these in with your small punch and separate the blade assembly from the sound module and unplug the led connector.

    There is one large pin that holds the blade inside of the blade holder, using a small punch push this pin all the way through the blade holder assembly to release the blade from the blade holder.

    There is a small pin keeping the led and shock sensor mount inside the blade. Using a small drill bit in your dremel, cut the blade tube around the pin, then using a pair of needle nosed pliers remove the pin from the blade assembly.

    Remove the black plastic led and shock sensor mount along with the led strip from the blade tube and cut away the black plastic housing.

    Cut the led wires from the led strip. Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue wires from the connector should be cut about one half inch from the connector, and then soldered together. Using a piece of wire that you just cut, solder together with your negative wires and after cooling cover with heat shrink tubing.

    The blue wire from the shock sensor and the purple wire from the connector should be soldered together. Using a piece of wire that you just cut, solder together with your positive wires and after cooling cover with heat shrink tubing.

    Mount your Luxeon to the heatsink by threading the wire leads through the holes on the heatsink. Now is when you put the thermal tape on (not shown). It sticks between the LED and heatsink.

    Insert the lens into the lens holder and mount to the Luxeon.

    You can now attach the battery pack to test your connections.

    Now thread your heatsink into the blade holder.

    Cut out the top of the sound module as shown. Drill a small hole as shown so that the shock sensor can be mounted into the top of the sound module.

    Connect the led connector and mount the shock sensor.

    Mark the position on the outer hilt body for placement of your blade retention screw. Drill and tap a hole through both the hilt body and blade holder to match the screw of your choice.

    Install the blade screw.

    Install the black plastic switch, spacer, and screw.

    Replace the small aluminum ring and red knurled switch cap.

    Replace the switch cap pin.

    Tighten the aluminum knurled screw.

    Replace the convertech knob.

    Insert the battery pack and screw on the pommel.

    You have now completed the TCSS Custom Luxeon Conversion.

    Thanks jjshumpert for the tutorial
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