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Thread: Premium speaker question.

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    Default Premium speaker question.

    This maybe a dumb question. But is there a minimum power requirement for the speaker sold in the store or does it not matter if you use 3v or 6v through it?
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    I'm using one in my Nerf Recon blaster conversion. It works on a 3V circuit just fine.
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    Yes, there is a minimum power supply, but I doubt anyone would ever try to give solely 1v or < .

    EDIT: Mmm... let me clarify... I doubt anyone would ever try to power a "DIY LED Saber/board/circuit" with solely 1v. Or less, lol.

    In general, most "basic" miniature speakers range from 0.5v to 1.5v for power. Doesn't mean you HAVE to feed them the max. Although some high-power miniatures can be "nominal" @ 4v (!) and max at maybe even 5v (!!!!)
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    Thanks for the info thats what I was wondering.
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