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  1. Oh, ok thanks. I did not realize that Assembly...

    Oh, ok thanks. I did not realize that Assembly was the name of the chassis.
  2. Dueling stunt with soundboard for flicker. Viable or awful idea?

    I have had my heart set on a stunt saber meant for pretty heavy dueling. I know these are traditionally made sans sound card so there is less chance of damage happening.

    I really like the flicker...
  3. MHS Nano Biscotte v4 Assembly vs Nano Biscotte v4 Sound Module? Huge size difference.

    I'm looking into sound card, but honestly just for color mixing and flicker effects. I'm not all that interested in sound or speakers. I'm also trying to keep my saber quite small.

    I note two...
  4. Quick release color mixing and battery choice?

    Hi, I'm working on a saber and am new to incorporating electronics into my props. I want to make an indigo blade and be able to change to green. So far I'm thinking of using a rB/rB/dR tri-cree. I...
  5. Parts list/build check. Small stunt saber, and electronics beginner.

    Hey, I’m designing my first saber and trying to keep it pretty small. I practice a martial art that uses many smaller sized swords and aim to try and keep this aesthetic for my lightsabers.
    I am a...
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