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  1. perfect, I'll order the TCSS one today. I also...

    perfect, I'll order the TCSS one today. I also have some Efest 3000mAh 35A 3.7 left over from a vape device. would these also work in a battery cradle?
  2. so its an issue with the micro sd card? i'm...

    so its an issue with the micro sd card? i'm guessing the card is probably programmed for tri cree and not a pixel blade?

    Update: have gotten lights working, messing with colors now, audio is...
  3. Nano Biscotte V4 w/ Neopixel (No lights but FoC lights up but messes up audio)

    Just finished my first build, Using A Nano Biscotte with Neo Pixel blade.

    Everything is from TCSS, i bought anything that was "plug and play". when i pull the kill key the audio works fine, when i...
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    Parts by Size for compatibility?

    I am currently working on two Sabers

    1. Empty hilt from other company
    2. 2010 Hasbro Anakin

    Trying to use only TCSS parts but running into issues like Pommel insert is too small for the...
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    LilyPad Arduino

    most of the boards are about the size of some change, seem like they could be super useful as saber internals, advertised as wearable for adding in to cloths.
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    PCB contact board for battery pack?

    I'm currently rebuilding Ani/Vader 2010 saber and i would like to recreate the way the OEM battery worked.
    it was originally 3x AA, I've seen the 4x AAA that's in the shop that looks perfect, but...
  7. Converting a 2010 Hasbro Anikin to NeoPxl

    Starting my conversion of a "rescue" light saber from Facebook, Just got the Ani removable blade kit. (5* for quality of parts, some sanding required)
    Also ordered Box 1 again (4* amazing quality,...
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