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  1. Can a MHS v1 Pommel Insert Fit Inside an Obi Wan ROTS FX Saber?

    Just got an empty Obi Wan Hasbro FX Saber, planning to do a full install with a Proffieboard v2, neopixel blade, etc. The pommel is open in the middle. Can a MHS v1 pommel insert fit inside?
  2. Questions About Obi Wan Kenobi Ep. III ROTS FX Empty

    Hello, I am considering purchasing an empty Obi Wan FX Saber from ROTS. I have a few questions before I purchase it however. First off, is the diameter of the blade holder 1 inch? I am making my own...
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    First Neopixel Build

    Hello everybody, I am building my first and maybe only lightsaber, and I wanna go all out on this one. While I am pretty new to this stuff, I am getting a lot of help from my friends with all the...
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