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  1. Brass is easily polished with 3M Tarnishield or Brasso, or some other brass polish. Some people clear coat the brass, I don't like to do that.
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    hey i saw your lotr thread and you said you could use the sink tube and sand them down to the brass. I've done that and it came out great but the brass began to tarnish a while. did you do anything after finishing it?
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    Dear FenderBender,I've been wondering for a while now how it is that with a 4.8v power source to an MR board that I won't need a resistor? If there is a resource (website, book, etc) That you suggest other than Electronic Formulas, Symbols & Circuits which Erv suggested and I can't seem to find. I just want to know for future builds and upgrades.

    Thanks for your help.
  4. I use a 9/32 drill, and the Tap for the recharge port is a 5/16-32 tap. I usually leave the nut on the port tightened all the way down. Gives me something to wrench on when tightening the port in.
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    Hi Fender,

    I'm looking for a method to flush-mount a 2.1mm recharge port into an MHS section (especially the 7" ones).
    I could use a PVC C-clip to hold it in place but I would prefer to use a threaded hole in the hilt.
    I guess that's what you do but I can't figure out how.
    Do you know how to turn it off tightly from the inside?
    Thanks in advance for taking some time replying.
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    My favorite vid of Yngwie, from the Japanese "instructional" series.
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    I need to pic your brain on mounting an aux. switch in my MHS hilt. I'm looking to use one like

    My problem is "how do I mount it from the INSIDE, if I don't have the ability to drill a partial mounting hole from the inside? I only want the "button" to protrude, and the switch itself mounted on a ring of some sort on the inside. I know you'd done plenty of aux switches in the "mounted from the inside" configuration. wondering how you did them?

    I don't know if I'm making sense or not. If you are willing to look at a quicky picture of what I am trying to accomplish, let me know and I'll link one to you.

    btw: Love your Yngwie sig. Been a fan of his since the late 80s when I first discovered him.
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    Hey Fender, just wanted to give you an update on that MR Windu we were talking about. I tried to get it from Books-a-million, but they said they "needed it" for a display. I was able to convince them to let me rip the board out. : ) But sorry I couldn't make the hilt happen for you. Honestly it was pretty banged up anyway. Anyway, happy new year!
  9. My kids ( I have 6 ) DO have what most doctors would diagnose as, and try to medicate for ADHD. I find that there are methods for dealing with it that do not medicate and have no ill effects like medication. I also will not let them use this so called "disorder" as an excuse for rudeness and disrespect.
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    may your children never have it.
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