Light Saber Combat

  1. MasterClayton
    Hey guys, what up? My name is clay and I just wanted to introduce myself. Are any of you interested in the 7 forms of light saber combat? I have been training for almost two years now and both my brother and I are both masters according to a few different ranking systems. I would love to hear from you guys! Thanks.
  2. Guardianofwinds
    I am actually quite interested in lightsaber combat. I have been studying through the TPLA and TSL lightsaber combat system. I have also picked up The NCSCS system and have been working on that for a local saber group. I would be very interested in the systems that you and your brother are using
  3. Kain
    I've heard of the seven forms, and would very much like to study them. My first introduction was through the Star Wars Adventures magazine- good old Scholastic catalogs.
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