Girot's To-Do List

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    Girot's Personal Armory To-Do List

    Since there is little to no traffic (atm) I am just going to use this as a kind of notepad...
  2. girot
    Sentinel Staff/Double-Bladed MHS Build - Pretty standard. Probably going with an Amber/Green Cree or Amber/Lime/Cyan Rebel (White FoC either way) and a Petite Crouton.
  3. girot
    "Sith Claymore" MHS Build + Custom Chassis - This is a "reforge" of a saber I commissioned from He Who Shall Not Be Named back in 2008 or so. At the time I loved the final product, though it never really fit my design as well as I'd liked. Now that I'm building my own sabers I can do this one right. The chassis of this build, in particular, is going to be be my masterpiece. This build will get a CF7.5 and a quad rebel: Deep Red x3 w/ White FoC. On the other hand, I have been dying to try Deep Red/Royal Blue/Red...
  4. girot
    "Trident" Custom Crossguard - This will be heavily ocean themed (obviously) and will be my first attempt to do inlay of any kind. I want to work abalone shell into the grip of this saber. Lots of fun to be hand with this build and with the Trident feature being added to the next generation of Plector boards this should have a satisfying result. Probably going with a Petite Crouton and aqua/cyan blades. Thinking about a Cyan/Lime combo with Royal Blue FoC.
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