1. Skinnerman02
    Welcome to those joining this group! The main purpose of this group is to try and make connections with others interested in sabersmithing in your immediate, physical community. And, of course, bounce ideas off of others. For instance, I live in a small town near the Grand Tetons in Idaho. Getting materials, outside ordering them off the internet, provides a unique challenge. What are some things you do to get the parts you need? Cannibalize broken equipment? Make a custom silicon mold and cast the part in industrial strength resin? Let us know! The more ideas the better.

    I usually create the part I need, if I can't find it, out of PVC and milliput. I've been debating trying out the silicon mold and resin route. My brother works a lot with that medium in his adventures in miniature making and we've been discussing the uses for sabersmithing. I can't find the materials I'd need here, though.
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