Gallery - Supernova Render

  1. alreadyRogue
    Yay, just finished rendering supernova, coments anyone.
    Be harsh I like criticism

    Yay, I learned video so i made a really short easy one.
    HERE IT IS (play full screen, its in 1080p)

  2. Lawrs1
    Looks good Rogue
  3. Rafalema
    Congrats on your first anim! It looks good!
  4. alreadyRogue
    decided to start on the renderings
    here is the saber + total internal space + some internals

    then a pololu board (meh, close enough, u get the idea)
    source board:

    now on to the 2010 econo obi wan board
  5. alreadyRogue
    Anyone got any creative criticism?
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